Meet Our Team

I am Jolene Jangles. I strongly believe in people’s greatness and I have spent the past 20 years focused on helping others achieve more while delivering great products.

As a lean/agile practitioner and Co-Active coach I work with individuals, teams and organizations to reach higher levels. Using the right balance of teaching, mentoring and coaching I share my passion hoping to ignite the greatness I see in others.

I believe leaders, at all levels of the organization, are the true drivers of transformation. I hope to ignite the spark in everyone so they create the world they strive for.

Jolene Jangles CEO and Transformation Coach

I am Joe Ziadeh. I am passionate about brains (but I am not a zombie). I specialize in the science behind how our brains react to learning and change. I've been working in Agile and IT for 20 years, in a variety of fun and interesting roles.

Currently I am the Chief Story Teller and Innovation Artist for Balanced Agility and a speaker at a number of Agile conferences.

Joe Ziadeh Chief Story Teller and Innovation Artist

I am Danna Mokamba. I have a strong passion to help grow talent and an even stronger passion to deliver value to individuals and practitioners. I am an accomplished, resourceful, and versatile coach and Agile/Lean/Scrum transformation leader across a variety of industries. I am also a Certified Lean Agile Coach, Certified Scrum Professional, LeSS Certified, Scrum Master & Product Owner, SAFe Agilist.

Danna Mokamba Community Faculty Member