In this engaging and enlightening session we will explore the skills, knowledge, and practices Product Managers & Product Owners
need to be successful.

For our organizations to be truly Agile, we must have the tools and skills we need to deliver products in an Agile way. In this course our students will learn and practice the skills necessary to deliver amazing Agile products.

In this class we will explore
What the shift from project to product means for Product Managers & Product Owners
How to leverage obsession with the customer for competitive advantage
How to harness change for customer advantage
The roles and responsibilities of Product Managers & Product Owners
How to enable the continuous delivery of value
How to craft products to deliver value iteratively and incrementally
How to plan and document products so your teams can build them effectively (User Stories, MVPs, Story Mapping, etc.)

* A full tool kit of facilitation principles, techniques and practices, along with hands-on experience in their application.

  • 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST
  • Every Thursday for 10 Weeks beginning on April 18th
  • At the end of the course you will receive:The ICAgile IC-APM Agile Product Manager
  • AND you will receive:The ICAgile ICP-APO certifications


Dorothy Aubut

Transformation Coach at Nagarro

Dorothy Aubut is a thought leader and change agent, passionate about partnering with executives and organizations to deliver maximum business value, reduce waste, and continuously improve products, efficiencies, and people's abilities to adapt. She has a knack for unlocking people’s and teams' potential to maximize their own performance. With over 20 years of experience in the IT space within many different domains, Dorothy has spent the last 15 years coaching organizations on not only the way they work but also on the transformation from project to product, leadership development, and organizational design.

Joe Ziadeh

Chief Learning Officer

Joe Ziadeh is not your typical expert; he's a mischief maker and a status quo challenger with a heart as huge as his intellect. A masterful facilitator, Joe seamlessly guides both intimate gatherings and large audiences through transformative experiences. His secret? A rare combination of playfulness and profound insight that turns learning into an unforgettable adventure. With two decades of experience in Agile and IT, Joe is on a mission to challenge conventional thinking, spark curiosity, and bring joy to the learning process.