To empower others, you first have to empower yourself. As an agile coach or leader, you have seen the power that using skills from the professional coaching world can bring to what you do. Do you want to make a bigger impact? Do you want stronger professional coaching skills to amp up your leadership? If so, we've designed this class just for you.

We have right-sized a professional coaching curriculum to give you the core skills that will immediately impact your effectiveness on the job.


This class will provide:

  • Development of your existing and core coaching skills that help those you coach to forward action. 

  • An overview of essential coaching skills, behaviors and mindsets based on International Coaching Federation (ICF) core competencies.

  • Demos and practice opportunities to help you internalize the essence of coaching and how it differs from mentoring, managing and mental-health support. 

  • An awareness of core coaching methodologies that help coachees:

  • align their goals and values with the work they are doing

  • shift away from unhelpful perspectives and rigidly held ideas

  • break through hidden blocks based on unrecognized emotions and limiting beliefs


  • IC-Agile ACC or

  • Practical / Working knowledge of coaching arc, levels of listening and powerful questions

Class Format

This is a 14-session virtual course with a total time commitment of 4-6 hours per week. 

  • 14 two-hour group virtual learning sessions led by certified Co-Active coach facilitators

  • Reading and group discussion of Co-Active Coaching, Fourth Edition

  • 1-3 hours/week of independent coaching practice

  • By session 4, participants are required to have coaching clients inside and outside of their core professional sphere.

*This class is by request only*

If interested in this course, please fill out our class inquiry form below or email us at: [email protected]


Jolene Jangles

CEO and Transformation Coach

Jolene Jangles is a fervent advocate for the innate greatness within every individual. With over two decades of dedicated experience, her mission has been to empower others to reach new heights while delivering outstanding products. As a seasoned lean/agile practitioner and Co-Active coach, Jolene collaborates with individuals, teams, and organizations, guiding them toward elevated levels of success. Her approach blends the art of teaching, mentoring, and coaching to cultivate a passion that sparks the latent greatness residing in others.

The Balanced Difference

At Balanced Agility, we believe that there is more than just a class, a workshop or a few hours spent together that make up a learning experience. We also provide:

  • BA Primers

    Our BA Primers leading up to the class to get you ready and thinking about what we will be working on in our time together – these may take the form of pre-reading, blog articles or a few items to work on before our time together

  • BA Toolkits

    The BA Toolkits you will emerge from your class with provide real and effective tools that you can use on the ground with your teams the days following training.

  • BA Community

    Include yourself in the BA Community by networking in class and actively participating after the class in the community of fellow practitioners that’s being established in your area.

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